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Today’s technology and its widespread use have widened the organizational attack surface, making cybersecurity the most talked-about topic in board meetings. Zero-day attacks took center-stage in 2023, with the vast majority of victimized organizations in the US and Canada. And, as per Gartner, organizations prioritizing their security investments based on a continuous threat exposure management program will realize a two-thirds reduction in breaches by 2026. To optimize your organization’s cybersecurity program, our experts have put together resources that will help you take a holistic approach towards cybersecurity and stay resilient against both internal and external threats.

Using MITRE ATT&CK® to understand the techniques behind 2023’s biggest breaches

In this white paper, we will attempt to decode the attack techniques behind the BlackCat data breaches, and the best way to understand attack patterns is by mapping them to the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix.

ManageEngine’s guide to implement the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Our guide to implement the NIST Cybersecurity Framework will provide a set of actions that can be performed to design your cybersecurity practices from scratch or build on your existing program to tackle the evolving cyberthreat landscape.

Endpoint security essentials for the C-suite

A layered security approach is essential to any cyber-preparedness strategy. This e-book will help you restrategize traditional cybersecurity viewpoints to protect your endpoints from external threats.

The dark side of AI: The ultimate guide to combat its imminent threats

With the advent of AI, the threat landscape has taken a huge leap in leveraging an unprecedented arsenal of tools and techniques that can intelligently automate attacks. Explore the methods and risks of AI-powered attacks, and deep dive into the attack stages.

PAM maturity model: Craft a PAM journey that is your own

Our PAM maturity model will help you understand which maturity phase you are in and increase your PAM maturity based on your risk profile, budget, and the number of privileged identities and their types in your organization, regardless of the industry.

CISO handbook of cybersecurity metrics, budgeting, and leadership

This e-book covers: How CISOs have transitioned from security leaders to business leaders, which key performance metrics CISOs should track, how to build an effective security budgeting strategy, and how to determine the success of a CISO.

  • How to bridge the gap between technical intricacies and strategic decision-making
  • The insider threats and third-party vendor risks to profitability
  • Strategies for aligning cybersecurity investment roadmaps with business objectives
  • Tips for addressing FAQs and tricky questions in the boardroom
  • How to extend a culture of cybersecurity beyond the boardroom

Blog Posts

The plague of identity-related incidents continues to cause suffering across the cybersecurity industry, corroborated by Identity Defined Security Alliance’s (IDSA) report, 2023 Trends in Security Digital Identities, which revealed that 90% of organizations experienced at least one identity-related breach in the past year, a year-over-year increase of 6% (in 2022, 84% of organizations reported an identity-related breach).

With AI playing a pivotal role in today’s threat landscape, 2024 promises to see a paradigm shift in the way organizations, most of whom are strategically shifting to the cloud, approach IT security. As we look to the future, several key trends are likely to emerge, including increased IT security spending, an enhanced focus on new technologies that showcase risk management, and the rise of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS).

Sensitive data has always been a prime target of cybercriminals. “During the first quarter of 2023, more than six million data records were exposed worldwide through data breaches,” says a Statista report. Attackers tend to target high-value data such as payment details, PII, healthcare records, authentication credentials, insurance records, and more.

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