Rethinking Data: How CIOs Can Pursue Opportunities To Unlock Greater Value

Leading companies drive business initiatives like improved customer experiences and increased efficiencies through complete data understanding. Tangential value includes improved security, privacy, and compliance. This report provides a clear picture of how CIOs across Canada are rethinking their approach to data — where they are on this journey today, the barriers they are beginning to …

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CIO Connect – Challenges of IT Talent Recruitment and Retention during COVID

Session Topic: Challenges of IT Talent Recruitment and Retention during COVID Many of us have or are experiencing what is being called the “Great Resignation,” an all-time high in employee turnover creating talent gaps and shortages. What can you share and learn from and with your peers to turn the “Great Resignation” into the “Great …

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Innovation Drivers with Eric Gales | Episode 10

  Eric Gales is Country Manager for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada. With 30 years of technology industry experience, Eric brings a wealth of expertise, advising small, medium-sized and large businesses on how to transform their business with technology including the latest cloud and machine learning innovations. Eric infuses customer obsession in all AWS Canada …

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CIOCAN Members Reflect On This Year’s ‘Choose To Challenge’ Theme


Catherine Chick considers herself lucky to have worked with a number of kind, compassionate men who would never knowingly patronize or discriminate against their female colleagues. When she heard this year’s International Women’s Day theme of “Choose to Challenge,” however, it reflected a call she believes she and many IT leaders need to answer. “Working …

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Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace

Good Guys Book Review

Book Review by: Steve Heck, CIOCAN Board of Directors Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace This book is a must read for both men and women, especially for those who want to make a meaningful impact, on not only gender equity and diversity, but to improve diversity in …

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Report from the 2020 CIOCAN Annual General Meeting of Members October 2020

Thank you to those CIOCAN members who attended the Annual General Meeting of members on October 22nd.  This past year has been unlike any other. CIOCAN continued its important strategic work to entrench the organization as a member-driven, mission-focused association. Building upon the strategic pillars, CIOCAN remained steadfast in its focus on the organization’s members: …

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Identity Access Management White Paper – August 2020

Identity Access CISO

In May and June 2020, the CIO Association of Canada convened some of Canada’s top experts in information security for a series of frank online discussions. These programs were under the Chatham House Rule, so speakers (except for the two presenters) are not identified by name or title. Still, we can peek over their shoulders …

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Innovation Drivers Podcast with David Penny | Episode 6


David Penny, Chief Technology Officer at BlueCat join Humza and Edwin on this episode of the Innovation Drivers Podcast.  David discusses how to measure success in innovation and building a working relationship with a founder CEO.  He also talks about the challenge of acquiring talented engineers and how to make an enterprise act like a …

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Innovation Drivers Podcast with Brian Brockway | Episode 5


Brian Brockway, Global CTO and Vice President at CommVault join Humza and Edwin on this episode of the Innovation Drivers Podcast.  Brian discusses what’s happening in the world, what he sees as innovation challenges and the things that they’re seeing in the marketplace.  We also hear him talk about how some leaders are taking different …

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CIOCAN’s Impact Award Winners

Impact Award Winners

The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) is pleased to announce the winners of our 2020 Impact Awards. New this year, the awards shine a light on our devoted members, who make it possible for technology leaders to problem-solve, share know-how and develop as leaders of Canada’s economy. “Each member brings their own strengths to the …

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CIO Connect – Ready to move back to the office?

CIO Connect - Mask in Office

CIO Connect is an informal national online forum to enable us to have face-to-face conversations in real time and is based on leveraging your trusted network of CIOCAN peers where you can openly and confidently talk about issues that you are facing and also the solutions and innovations that can be shared with all of …

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