Brandon Nott | Vice President of Customer Success | UiPath

Brandon Nott leads the Americas Customer Success Team at UiPath.  As a former customer, Brandon has built a successful RPA practice and brings firsthand knowledge of all aspects of the RPA life cycle to our Americas customers.

Brandon is an award-winning technologist with a deep focus on sustainable, robust systems design.  From automating mortgage operations to testing wireless technologies, Brandon takes a holistic approach to digital transformation that brings humans and technology together, seamlessly.

Following a double major in Business and Accounting and a Master’s degree Business Information Systems, Brandon began his career writing communication and scheduling software which led to his architecting many of the core systems for the Bluetooth SIG.  He then went on to start a Business Intelligence practice at VML, advising Fortune 100 companies on BI strategy. After his time at VML, Brandon ran operations for J.G. Wentworth Home Lending, automating the processing of home loans.  Brandon’s passion for technology and holistic approach to automation makes him an invaluable partner to his customers, and a thought leader in the industry.

CIO Peer Forum 2019, Day 2: Track speaker

A Robot for Every Person

No other technology has proven to accelerate digital outcomes faster than RPA. Software robots take on the work we hate, freeing employees to be creative and customer-focused. Brandon Nott of UiPath will demonstrate live how easy it is to automate simple and complex processes, and IT services too… while also preparing to manage and govern this future reality.

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