Building the Internet of Things: Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, Transform Your Industry by Maciej Kranz

As billions of standalone devices across the world are getting connected, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most talked about technology trends. But IoT is not really about technology and connected devices; at its core it is about business outcomes and people, new ways of doing business, talent and change management, migration to open technologies, and open business structures based on co-development.
Building the Internet of Things brings innovative business and technology strategies to every business-to-business (B2B) market segment and opens up a progressive world of possibilities to increase both top- and bottom-line results. Written specifically for front-line business decision makers at companies of all sizes, who need a practical handbook to get the ball rolling in a tangible way, this dependable resource looks at IoT from a business, strategy, and organizational standpoint and helps in identifying areas in an organization ripe for an IoT-based makeover, with the quickest payback on investment. Using real-world examples from organizations across the globe, Kranz offers insights on how to tailor IoT for companies without reinventing the wheel. Building the Internet of Things goes beyond the hype and buzzwords to illustrate in real terms how to turn a disruption into profits and long-term business success.

Maciej Kranz is vice president of the Corporate Strategic Innovation Group at Cisco Systems. He leads the team focused on incubating new businesses, accelerating internal innovation, and driving co-innovation with customers, partners and start-ups through a global network of Cisco Innovation Centers. Prior to this role, he was general manager of Cisco’s Connected Industries Group, where he drove IoT business for key industrial markets.

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ISBN: 978-1-119-28566-3/272 pages

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