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The CISO Community Division is a forum where CISOs can network, share ideas, offer CISO support and learn from each other. It provides a primary, common destination for CISOs and security leaders to congregate and participate in strategic initiatives. We create content and organize events that cater to the interests of the CISO community and raise cybersecurity awareness more broadly.

Martin Kyle
CISO Division President

“The breadth of members in the Association provides a variety of perspectives. Being able to discuss challenges, to work together solving common problems, and to learn from others’ experiences helps us all guard against blind spots and improve security in our respective organizations across Canada.”

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Welcome, Bently Rolf

Bently Rolf is the Chief Information Security Officer at Celero Solutions. Bently has extensive knowledge in Management and the Telecommunications field for over 15+ years. His particular strengths are building ...

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How Do I Know You’re You?

By Dr. Thomas P. Keenan, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP in collaboration with Ron Murch, I.S.P., IPCP – both with the University of Calgary. Some of Canada’s leading Chief Information Security Officers ...

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Welcome, Sylvain Viau

Sylvain Viau is the DSI Founder & Independent Senior Security Manager at KPMG Canada. Mr. Sylvain Viau cumulates 40 years experience in information technology, project management- administration, manager, senior security ...

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Awake at Night CISOs

What Keeps Canada’s Top CISOs Up at Night?

By Dr. Thomas P. Keenan, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP in collaboration with Ron Murch, I.S.P., IPCP – both with the University of Calgary. What happens when you put a dozen of ...

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Don Thompson

Don is the CISO for The University of British Columbia. His areas of specialization include: IT Architecture, IT Competencies/Culture, IT Infrastructure, Planning & Program/Project Management, Solution Delivery/Support and Strategy/Innovation.

Bobby Singh

Bobby is the CISO and Head of Infrastructure for the TMX Group. He has been with TMX for almost 4 years. His areas of specialization include: Business Intelligence, IT Architecture, ...

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Hani Mansi

Hani is with the National CISO Division – Edmonton. He is the Director, Cybersecurity for the ATCO Group. He has been there for almost 6 years. Hani’s portfolio includes implementing ...

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Bruce Johnson

Bruce is an Associate member with the National CISO Division – Calgary. He is the Manager,Infrastructure/Operations/Security for BURNCO Rock Products and he has been there for almost 2 years. His ...

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Daniel Owen

Daniel is an Associate member of the National CISO Division – Vancouver. He is the Senior Manager, IT Security for BC Housing Corporation and he has been there for almost ...

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What is Cyber Security Certification Worth?

  There have been a lot of interesting reactions to the Equifax data breach. One of the most interesting for me is criticism of the Equifax CISO’s lack of technical ...

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Developing Cybersecurity Talent

Two colleagues from two different organizations recently shared ‘tales of woe’ from their failed cyber security talent searches. We have all read articles in the last year or two that ...

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Once More Into the Breach – Jeff Stark at CIOTOR event Sep 11, 2017

The Toronto Chapter was pleased to work with the US Department of Trade and the US Consulate General in Toronto, on an event that brought together Association members, a delegation ...

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Gwen Beauchemin

Gwen has been with Payments Canada as their CISO for over a year. Her areas of specialization include: Business Alignment/Relationship Magement, IT Competencies/Culture, Professional, Scientific and Technical services and Strategy ...

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