CIO Census: Taking the Pulse of Canada’s Technology Leadership

ITWorld Canada recently released their 4th annual CIO Census. CIO Association members were among the 187 people who completed the survey.  Below are some highlights from the report.  Association members can download the full report (see link below).

Canadian CIO’s are embracing the cloud with enthusiasm, but are less than impressed with the return on investment they are seeing on their Internet of Things and social media spending.
A new report produced by ITWC and sponsored by Cogeco Peer 1 also finds the CIOs are increasingly confident in their ability to sell ideas to the decision-makers in the executive suites and now consider innovation as one of their top five priorities.
The findings are based on a national survey of more than 187 IT leaders who completed a detailed survey probing business concerns and priorities, IT budgets and hiring plans. It is the third year ITWC has conducted the survey.
“IT tools and systems are changing rapidly. Companies are flattening their organizational structures. CIOs need to adapt,” says Jim Love, ITWC CIO and author of the report. “Our survey shows CIOs are doing more than adapting. They are leading, which is vital in an age when digital disruption by a competitor may only be one innovation away.”
Cogeco Peer 1 Vice President, Marketing, Bertrand Labelle said the research is vital for companies that need to understand how companies across all sectors are looking at the future.
“The better you understand what the CIO is thinking, the greater the opportunity to predict where a company is going and how you can partner with them to meet their needs.”
In addition to the Canadian census, ITWC has released a global companion study that looks at the role of the CIO globally, using comparative data from surveys in the US and the UK. Love says Canadian CIOs have a lot to be proud of, but likely have lessons to learn in the area of innovation from their UK counterparts.
The 2016 CanadianCIO Census is available for download.