CIOCAN: Securing the Cloud with Containerization

The Toronto Chapter was pleased to host Securing the Cloud with Containerization on June 3rd, 2021.

This session featured Shlomo Bielak, Chief Technology Officer at Benchmark and Jason Maynard, Senior Technical Solutions Architect, Cybersecurity, Cisco Systems, and was facilitated by Derek Cullen, CIO at Stikeman Elliott LLP.

The speakers discussed how to support a unique cloud native approach to DevSecOps enabled with Cisco and Benchmark Corp. The container platform, APM (Application Performance Monitoring), observability stack, and how Cisco specific terraform provides for Infra-as-Code orchestration was also covered.

We would like to thank Benchmark and Cisco for allowing CIOCAN to record the presentation.

Materials available for CIOCAN members.

Members can click here to view a recording of the session.

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