Rapport sur la transformation numérique 2023 – Français

Confrontés à des dynamiques de marché difficiles, à des vulnérabilités sous-jacentes et à une adhésion accrue au numérique, les dirigeants des TI disposent d’une importante opportunité d’évolution qui leur sera bénéfique, ainsi qu’à leurs entreprises. La clé de cette évolution sera la transition du poste de chef.fe des technologies d’information vers un rôle de conseiller …

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Randstad Digital Transformation Report 2023 – English

Faced with intersecting market dynamics, underlying vulnerabilities and increased digital buy-in, CIOs have an important advancement opportunity which will benefit both them and their companies. Key to this will be the transition of the CIO position into a more strategic business advisory role rather than simply servicing the business as technology builders and distributors. We …

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Employer Brand Research 2022: IT & Communications Sector Report

In today’s highly digitized economy, there are few instances in which technology does not touch our lives. With this global report on the IT and communications sector, we take a deep dive into what working-age adults seek in an ideal employer. And guess what, it’s not just financial considerations that attract them to an employer; a …

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Randstad Canada 2023 Salary Guide

Get your copy of the 2023 salary guide. Gain a comprehensive overview of the Canadian labour market. Randstad’s 2023 salary guide has salary insights for a wide range of locations and industries across Canada.