Genevieve Groat | Chief Relationship Officer | Fundserv Inc.

Genevieve Groat is currently the Chief Relationship Officer of Fundserv, the indispensable hub for the Canadian Investment Funds Industry. Genevieve recently moved to Toronto from Alberta, where she held various IT positions at Alberta Pensions Services over 13 years, including leading their award-winning, five-year, multi-system business transformation project. She has a proven ability to assemble and develop a high-powered teams to lead and organization to success.

CIO Peer Forum 2019, Day 1: Track Speaker

Title: Leaders Championing Diversity and Inclusion

Wonder why some companies are more innovative, more adaptable, and faster-growing? They are building a diverse and inclusive culture enabling their employees to grow, connect and bring their best selves to work! Don’t quite know what that means? Be informed and entertained with this fresh new approach on the topic of leaders championing diversity and inclusion. Join Chief Information Officer, Wayne Hong and Chief Relationship Officer, Genevieve Groat as they explore and discuss misconceptions around diversity and inclusion. Learn some practical ways to becoming a diverse and inclusive leader in order to build a high performing team. You won’t want to miss this!

Speakers: Genevieve Groat, Wayne Hong

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