Keynote presented by: Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist and Best Selling Author
At a macro level, the rules for engagement have changed and leaders are bombarded with new platforms, analytics and technologies promising all the big answers. With the hype around micro-influence and big data, it’s easy to forget the reason that individuals and organizations started using these tools to begin with: to develop a deeper understanding of the world around us so we can shape the future.
In this session, Digital Anthropologist and Best Selling Author Rahaf Harfoush will take us beyond the technology to reveal what some of the most cutting edge analytics say about our deepest human desire. She’ll also highlight how emerging trends have given rise to ArchiTechs – individuals using digital tools to rebuild the world around them. Through case studies and research, Rahaf will share how these new forces offer a tremendous opportunity for organizations ready to embrace this new disruptive shift. You will walk away with thought-provoking ideas about how your organization can leverage these technologies to listen to your customers, personalize your offerings and win in your marketplace.