Inspiring Momentum for Innovation: Jennifer Quaglietta, Not for Profit CIO of the Year

By Suzanne Robicheau

Jennifer Quaglietta’s accomplishments at Healthcare Insurance  Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) read like a list of career highlights, yet it was only two years ago that she was brought on board to fill an inaugural role with the go-to insurance provider for healthcare organizations.

Jennifer Quaglietta
Jennifer Quaglietta, Vice President, Performance Excellence and Information Services, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC)

As HIROC’s VP, Performance Excellence and Information Services, Quaglietta was tasked with a major challenge: developing a strategy to strengthen the organization’s cybersecurity posture. “Not only was this achieved within 18 months,” said Pat Phelan, VP Market Research, Rimini Street, when announcing Quaglietta’s win as CIO of the Year for the Not for Profit sector, “but it also saved HIROC over $20,000 a month and resulted in new policies for cloud solution security assessments, open source software, external storage, and file sharing solutions.”

In addition to engaging her staff in design thinking and innovative projects, Quaglietta led the creation of a new data warehouse, helped deploy a sophisticated business intelligence tool, and enabled capabilities in machine learning. By implementing a digital and data plan, she made HIROC more agile, which in turn led to a number of positive outcomes, such as ensuring staff were empowered with easy access to reliable information and actionable insights, helping to drive business decisions with data and analytics evidence, and improving subscriber decision making through enhanced capabilities.

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