Jeff Gilchrist | General Manager | Avanade Canada

Jeff joined Avanade Canada in the fall of 2014 as the General Manager of Avanade Canada. Avanade is a 19 year old joint venture owned by Accenture and Microsoft that operates in 22 different countries globally . Jeff’s mandate includes developing and executing Avanade Canada’s business strategy as well as achieving its annual financial and operational business objectives (Sales, Revenue, Profit, Retention, Employee Engagement). With the assistance of a team of over 500 professionals in Canada, Avanade Canada has grown by over 20% annually over the last four years.

Over Jeff’s 35+ year career he has held senior executive roles including in addition to Avanade, IBM, Deloitte Consulting, and A.T.Kearney. He has also worked help positions in startup organizations in broadcasting and software development as we as working for a large telecommunications carrier.

CIO Peer Forum 2019, Day 1: Breakout Session Speaker

There’s a new “X” in town – WX. Workplace Experience is redefining the business value equation.

For years organizations have been heavily focused on how to improve their Customer Experience (CX). It is commonly understood and recognized that, if organizations focus on improving their customer’s experience, it has a positive impact on both the top and bottom line. But what happens when we focus equally on employee Workplace Experience (WX)?

Join Jeff Gilchrist from Avanade as he discusses the importance, benefits, approaches and some of the ethical challenges that may occur when organizations focus on improving their employees’ Workplace Experience and treating employees like customers. WX is the new “X” in town and it is redefining the business value equation.

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