A Lawyer’s Perspective on Big Data and IoT Challenges (video)

Big Data and the Internet of Things have arrived, and technology will continue to advance. At the same time, our needs for personal privacy and individual respect remain fundamental to who we are as human beings.  And then there is the law.  While there are no laws created specifically to deal with Big Data and the IoT, that doesn’t mean that the law has nothing to say about them.  

In this session, Kelly Friedman will discuss Big Data and the IoT from a legal perspective.  She will address “big picture” concerns about Big Data and consumer IoT, the current legal and regulatory framework to be applied, the distinction between privacy and security, and tools to move forward with Big Data and IoT projects with an acceptable level of risk.

This session was a 90 minute workshop which we have broken down into 3 section.  Click on the images to access the videos.

Video part #1

Video part #2

Video part #3