Paul Twigg | National Technology and Innovation Leader

Paul is a goal-oriented business leader with executive and hands-on experience in delivering leading edge cloud, architecture and support services. He is a recognized speaker and thought leader in the Canadian technology field.

CIO Peer Forum 2020, Day 1: Track speaker

Competing in a Culture of Speed

Yesterday’s fast is today’s unacceptable. New business models and the speed of business is forcing us to think not just bigger but radically different. “We’ve always done it this way” will put you out of business. In a race to remain relevant in this accelerated cycle of innovation, companies are under constant pressure to get to market faster with products and services that help their customers outpace their competition. “Slow” has become another word for “obsolete”. Join Jeff Bergeron and Paul Twigg, to learn “Imperatives for Competing in a Culture of Speed” and what this means for your organization.

Co-presenter: Jeff Bergeron | Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer | NTT DATA Services

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