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Dr. Catherine Aczel Boivie (Founder of CIOCAN)

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Interactive Session: Gender Smender –  We can do better in Canada! (Mayfair/Endrooms)


Founder of the CIO Association of Canada

A sought after speaker best known for presenting the strategic use of technology in terms that Board members and Senior Executives can quickly understand to assess risks and strategic advantages. Catherine has extensive Board experience, focusing on governance and risk management. She has led large organizations, managed over 200 staff and consultants, with a capital and operating budget of over $100M. Catherine is a results focused business leader, board member, executive advisor/coach, speaker with diverse experience that has been further enhanced by strategic board and senior leadership connections. She has a high degree of experience and personal comfort interacting with organizations at the executive level within industry and government (Provincial, Federal and Municipal).

Catherine’s accomplishments have been recognized by the CIO Association of Canada, WXN (top 100 most powerful women), University of Waterloo and the Queens Jubilee medal.