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Daniel Saroff (IDC)

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Plenary Session: Navigating the Uncharted:  Managing the risks in Generative AI implementations (Mayfair/Endrooms)


Group Vice President Consulting and Research, IDC

Daniel Saroff is Group Vice President of Consulting and Research at IDC, where he is a senior practitioner in the end-user consulting practice. This practice provides support to boards, business leaders, and technology executives in their efforts to architect, benchmark, and optimize their organization’s information technology. IDC’s end-user consulting practice utilizes our extensive international IT data library, robust research base, and tailored consulting solutions to deliver unique business value through IT acceleration, performance management, cost optimization, and contextualized benchmarking capabilities.

Mr. Saroff also leads the CIO/End-User Research Practice at IDC. This practice provides guidance to business and technology executives on how to leverage technology to achieve innovative and disruptive business outcomes. IDC’s research enables clients to create grounded business and technology strategies and empowers IT leaders to deliver services and innovation that drive business growth and success.

Mr. Saroff has over twenty years of experience in senior-level positions in both consulting organizations and delivering technology. Prior to joining IDC, he served as the CIO for a major Massachusetts state agency, where he led the agency through cloud migrations, digital transformation, technology modernization, enterprise platform reengineering, security in-depth and zero trust, and defense and response to a major cyber-attack. He also held consulting positions at both Forrester and Gartner and was a IT Director at a major aerospace and defense company. Before joining IDC, he owned a private IT management consultancy.

In addition to his work in technology and consulting, Mr. Saroff co-founded and managed a neuroscience research laboratory focused on Alzheimer’s Disease and published multiple peer-reviewed research articles.