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Jodi Baxter (TELUS Business)

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Plenary Session (Fireside Chat): Harnessing the power of 5G and Next Gen Networks to deliver business impact, (Mayfair/Endrooms)


Vice-president, 5G and Industry Solutions, TELUS Business

Jodi Baxter is a highly accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry. She currently serves as the Vice-president of 5G & Industry Solutions at TELUS, where she leads a dynamic team in driving digital transformation across IoT platforms, enabling businesses to harness the power of data and 5G technology to achieve their operational goals.

Jodi’s journey with TELUS began after graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She has since obtained an MBA from the University of Victoria and held leadership positions across the organization, contributing significantly to TELUS’ success in areas such as High-Speed Internet for Business, Optik TV for Business, and TELUS Health. The 5G & Industry Solutions team she leads is responsible for product development, implementation, and support for over 2M connected devices, as well as utilizing technology to advance TELUS’ Connected Worker, Fleet and Asset Tracking, and Intelligent Traffic offerings.

Jodi’s expertise and her customer-focused approach have been instrumental in delivering enhanced and tailored reliability, security, and data privacy solutions to organizations globally. Under her leadership, TELUS’ IoT Connectivity business transformed from the third-place market share to the industry-leading position within a span of three years.

Jodi is actively involved in the evolution of Canada’s leadership in technology, serving on the Canadian Telecom Summit advisory board, and the Leadership Council for IoT North 2022, and she has been recognized for her exceptional leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion.