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VP Business Development – Marsh Canada Limited

Judi Smith is a VP with Marsh. Judi works on the commercial side of insurance for the last twenty years. Before being on the commercial side of risk Judi had her own business and started her career dealing with Payroll risk. Having walked in a business owners’ shoes has helped Judi understand the various risks business are exposed to. Depending on what you do, where you do it and how big you are impacts your exposure. Learning how firms internally review risk helps her understand what a firm can take on, what they are comfortable managing, what they need to avoid and what steps they can take to do that. Judi works with experts from a variety of sectors from legal, engineering, accounting, digital risk, privacy laws and of course cyber experts of all types to help support her clients.

Every new hire, new supplier and new client changes your risk profile. How your goods and people move, where your goods come from, the reliance on suppliers and ensuring you can avoid supply chain bottlenecks are part of the risk review. Government regulation, geo-political challenges, macro-economic factors like inflation impact the value of your stock & equipment. Having a fresh set of eyes asking you why you do things the way you do helps owners and senior management better understand the risks they are exposed to and options so they can help reduce &/or mitigate these risks.