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Kin Lee-Yow (CAA Club Group of Companies | CIOCAN Member)

Speaking in these sessions

Breakout Session: Member Panel – The Green Digital Landscape: Why CIO’s need to become enablers of sustainability in the Digital Age (Bonavista Room)
Interactive Session: Gender Smender –  We can do better in Canada! (Mayfair/Endrooms)


CIO, CAA Club Group of Companies

Kin’s leadership style is Participative, emphasizing the importance of ensuring people understand the reasoning behind actions. His characteristics include questioning the status quo to enhance efficiency, viewing challenges as opportunities, maintaining calmness during crises, being grounded in technology, seeking comprehensive understanding of the business landscape, and prioritizing insight over raw data.

Kin specializes in technology architecture, cyber security, infrastructure, telecommunication, payment processing, vendor management, technology contract negotiation, eCommerce, banking, travel, insurance, P&C insurance, telematics, and emergency roadside assistance.

A career highlight is his successful completion of the technology transformation of all CAA technologies within 6 years.