CIO Peer Forum 2023 | Speakers

Michelle Bazargan

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Plenary Session: The Human Centered Leader:  Driving Inclusive Innovation 🎥


Senior Director Strategy and Innovation, Research and Advisory Group, Gartner

Michelle Bazargan is fueled by the mindset that purpose-driven businesses are particularly well-positioned to tackle the world’s biggest problems. She inspires leaders and organizations to see the art of the possible by introducing the latest market trends and business innovations. 

 Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Bazargan had a unique and diverse leadership background spanning startups and complex enterprise organizations across numerous industries and sectors including Technology, Wellness, Automotive, Finance and more. 

Her baseline of struggle and possibilities is different, as she escaped a revolutionary war and came to the U.S. with $500 and unable to speak a word of English. The experience built a foundation of resiliency, reinvention and purpose to help others face fears, adversity and believe in their strengths.