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Nim Nadarajah

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CEO and Partner – CriticalMax

Nim is an executive with 30 years of experience in helping organizations strategically align; Security, IT, business goals and generate transformative results, through an entrepreneurial spirit paired with the discipline of enterprise delivery. Nim is secret level II cleared by PWGCS Government of Canada and works at a Provincial and Federal level supporting Canada’s Cyber Security Mandate. 

Throughout his career he has launched financial products, modernized customer experiences (mobile wallets, digital payments), transformed healthcare around the patient bedside experience, implemented e-commerce solutions, launched Security Operations Centres and helped many CIOs and CISO establish and execute on their strategy and roadmaps. He’s an expert at making visions into reality. 

Nim is an active executive board member. He has served on National Board of Directors for the CIO Association of Canada. Currently, elected Board of Directors member at Headwaters Health Center. Nim is also the Chief Public Relations Officer for the Cyber Security Global Alliance.