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Patrick Naoum

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Executive Vice-President & Chief of Strategic Consulting and Emerging practices & CEO, Virtual Guardian

Mr. Naoum is Executive Vice-President & Chief of Strategic Consulting and Emerging practices & CEO of Virtual Guardian; ESI’s cybersecurity company. Under his leadership, his team is driven to innovate, design, integrate and market solutions that help clients leverage IT to maximize business results with increased agility, scalability, efficiency and security. His group defines the company’s strategic orientation as it aligns with the evolution of clients’ needs and market trends as they embrace the acceleration of digital transformation. He currently serves in the cybersecurity sub-committee of the board of directors of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation. Mr. Naoum also served as an administrator on the board of directors of the Anna-Laberge foundation for healthcare – serving the Jardins-Roussillon hospital in Chateauguay. Also, at the invitation of Bois-de-Boulogne College in Montreal in 2006, Mr. Naoum sat on the academic program steering committee for the IT and security curricula. The intent was to recommend content for the establishment of the training program for future IT security experts to better align academic knowledge with industry needs. Prior to joining ESI, Mr. Naoum held several positions in leading technology companies, particularly software and services. He was also a co-founder of the Association of Microsoft Certified Solution Providers in Montreal. Member of the Québec and Canadian orders of Professional Engineers, Mr. Naoum is a graduate of École Polytechnique de Montréal in Computer Engineering. He was also a member of TEC Canada (, known as VISTAGE in the US, for more than 10 years.