Steve Biswanger | VP & CISO | ATCO Group

Steve Biswanger has a degree in economics and trained to be a stock broker. Computers and security were always just a hobby until he found someone willing to pay him to play and he hasn’t looked back.

His philosophy of information security is best summarized as “It isn’t about security, it’s about trust.” Information is the most valuable asset for almost all companies and the only way to unlock that value is to share the information, the trick is deciding who to share with.

Biswanger spent more than 10 years as an independent consultant working for clients in the telecommunications, Silicon Valley, energy and banking sectors which introduced him to a wide range of risk management perspectives and approaches. Working with clients whose risk tolerances varied from almost zero (banking) to almost infinite (technology) forced him to develop adaptable approaches to risk management. Any level of risk tolerance may be appropriate as long as it is managed.

CIO Peer Forum 2020, Day 2: Track speaker

CISO Division Fireside Chat: From Dr. No to Innovation Accelerator

Companies rely on technology to accelerate change. Speed of change and new tech come with increased risks requiring cybersecurity expertise — thus the role of CISO. Join CIOCAN members as they discuss how cybersecurity has affected their careers and what they see as the future of the CISO. Is it a technical role in IT? Should it report to Risk and Audit, perhaps directly to the Board? When does it make sense for the CIO to report to the CISO? What are the next career opportunities for the CISO? CIO, COO, CEO, Board Director? The discussion may not be definitive, but it is sure to be enlightening and controversial.

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