Blockchain 101

The Blockchain has the potential to be a big disruptor changing many industries that rely on intermediaries such as real estate, insurance, financial, healthcare and more. Blockchain uses cryptography which involves encryption techniques throughout the transaction process. Join us on June 1st to learn more!

DX/Blockchain Certification

The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) identifies needs in the marketplace for ongoing education of its members to better serve the firms they represent.  Part of its mandate is to foster and make professional development opportunities available to its member’s as Canadian businesses move towards wider adoption of digital transformation. RedMobile Consulting, is a Global … Read more

How can Incumbents Respond to Disruption?

Part 1: Start by Accepting that Disruption will Happen! It is well-known that incumbents in any industry seldom feel the impact of an early-stage disruption on their core business for many years or even decades. This is even truer for those industries that are heavily regulated, as regulation creates a barrier to new entrants. Hence, … Read more