Leading CIOs Tackle the Challenge of Data


When 30 of Canada’s leading CIOs connected at the 2018 annual CanadianCIO Summit, one of the key concerns was deriving the full value from disparate sources of data. The leaders spoke confidently as they described data as the new oil, or currency, of the business landscape, but admitted they may be falling short when it came to …

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A look at what technologies are NOT good at


David Lyle, Pacific Data Integrators will be speaking at the CIO Peer Forum on Disruptive Next-Gen Analytics: What’s next?   Over the past decade, powerful Big Data storage and retrieval technologies have emerged that give us added power to harvest the information cornucopia surrounding us. But as our world becomes more complex, the variety of these tools …

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The Krack-en unleashed!

What is the WPA2 KRACK? By Rishley Coutinho On October 16, 2017,  the world became aware of the exploit using key reinstallation attacks or better known as KRACK, on the WPA2 protocol. Before delving into the details of how the attack itself is performed, we must first understand the process which it targets, this being …

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Reflections on CIO Peer Forum 2016 keynote presentation by Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist and Author


Reflections on CIO Peer Forum 2016 keynote presentation by Rahaf Harfoush. Digital Anthropologist and Author By: Ron Babin In a keynote presentation titled, Human Centric Analytics – Big Data, Micro-Influence and Search for Meaning, Rahaf Harfoush spoke eloquently and energetically about the importance of data as our digital DNA. Data allows us to better understand …

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