Leading CIOs Tackle the Challenge of Data

When 30 of Canada’s leading CIOs connected at the 2018 annual CanadianCIO Summit, one of the key concerns was deriving the full value from disparate sources of data.

The leaders spoke confidently as they described data as the new oil, or currency, of the business landscape, but admitted they may be falling short when it came to actually mining, manipulating, and ultimately leveraging their data.

In response publisher ITWC pulled together a team of experts – including CIOCAN members Corey Cox, Ted Maulucci, Pascal Racine, Joe AbiDaoud and Gary Davenport –  to drill deeply into the data challenges and questions currently being faced by top CIOs across Canada.

Download the white paper to find their thoughts on:

  • How can you use data to advance your organization’s corporate strategy?
  • Does data inform strategy or does strategy inform data?
  • How do you effectively move from unstructured data to structured data?
  • How do you identify the data “crown jewels” and separate them from information you keep but might not sort?
  • How do you build effective data governance structures and processes?

“Meeting the Data Challenge” offers solutions to many data dilemmas in six easy-to-digest sections. Download the publication now