Ransomware & Blockchain: Toronto Chapter Event Summary

On the heels of the Wannacrypt ransomware attack, the recent Toronto Chapter event provided an excellent forum for presentations and discussions about Ransomware and Blockchain.  The evening started with a story about ransomware. Iliana Oris Valiente, Founder of ColliderX Applied R&D Hub, then provided the audience with a clear and concise explanation of blockchain; the technology behind Bitcoin … Read more

Blockchain 101

The Blockchain has the potential to be a big disruptor changing many industries that rely on intermediaries such as real estate, insurance, financial, healthcare and more. Blockchain uses cryptography which involves encryption techniques throughout the transaction process. Join us on June 1st to learn more!

Been taken hostage? – ransomware…

Ransomware – a form of malware that attacks your computer, except more dangerous. Ransomware blocks access to systems by encrypting all the files. Simply being aware and knowing what ransomware is goes a long way to secure the data on your system. Join us on June 1st to learn more.

2017 IDC Predictions

2017 IDC Predictions The Toronto Chapter held their first event of the New Year, welcoming International Data Corporation (IDC) and association members to the University Club, in downtown Toronto. The presentation of the predictions opened the floor to an interactive session for group feedback and discussion throughout the evening. Presenters and contributors for the presentation … Read more

TOR Innovation to Efficiency

Executive Summary by volunteers Anastasia Tzirtziganis and Mitchell R. Fong Shlomo Bibas, VP Global Operation & Chief Information Officer, hosted Toronto Chapter members and colleagues at the Apotex facility in Etobicoke. With 25% of the prescribed pharmaceutical marketplace, Apotex fills 88 million prescriptions per year in Canada. On top of that, 75% of their production … Read more

IT Career Planning Experts Get CIOs into Shape

“Shape Your Career” was a very popular topic for Toronto Chapter members and colleagues, as evidenced by the good turnout and the very positive responses to the chapter event held on Oct 27 at the Info-Tech Research Building in uptown Toronto.  Executive search experts Larry Chan, from Rosenzweig & Co and Michelle Moore, from LHH … Read more

Humza Teherany, National Board VP, Starts Start-up Competition

It was only three months ago that Ralph Ostertag from Mercedes-Benz Canada and Humza Teherany from Compass Group Canada were chatting informally. Despite their companies’ different product offerings, they soon realized that they were facing similar challenges, especially in their retail customer experience environments. They surmised that working with young startups could very well be … Read more

CEO CIO Alignment Program

A webinar held on March 2 introduced the CEO CIO Alignment Program.  If you missed the webinar, you can watch a recording of the session here.    You will be asked for a passcode, which is CIOCAN2016.  Anyone who is interested in participating in the program can join by sending an e-mail to the CIO Association … Read more

Putting Boundaries Around Innovation?

When a company implements an innovation initiative to improve the customer engagement models, it is important to remember that many functions in the organization touch the customer. Therefore, limiting the change to customer-facing groups and putting boundaries around innovation can yield detrimental results.