CIOCAN Members on Innovation

Nowhere is the changing landscape of customer expectations and technology more evident than in financial services. From smartphones to wearables, customers are demanding a more personalized engagement, allowing their banking experiences to be seamless across all channels. These expectations have increased both the potential for, and complexity of creating a positive customer experience.  Successful financial … Read more

CIOCAN Members in Innovation

Innovation is daring to do things smarter, faster, and better, and is fundamental to continued growth and job creation in Canada.  Top of mind for CIOs, innovation is the key to establishing Canada’s place in the world in this age of constant change and disruption. How to achieve this is the big question. Humza Teherany, … Read more

IDC Canada’s 2018 ICT Predictions

  IDC Canada’s 2018 Predictions provide the vision and insight CIOs in Canada need to navigate the rapidly changing landscape. Please join the Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary CIOCAN Chapter events welcoming IDC’s representatives to present ten key developments in the tech world that will impact Canadian organizations and their ability to grow and compete. Click on the event location to register:  Toronto … Read more

Social Networking at Work?

Social media is something we’ve all become accustomed to in recent years. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are a few of these applications used by millions around the world in their personal lives. But what is the real definition of Social Media? Google’s top answer is: “Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content … Read more

ITAC Talent: Programs and Resources Available

ITAC Talent is involved with the Student Workplace Integrated Program (Career Ready) that identifies small/medium companies to receive wage subsidy for co-op placements.  While the program is currently operating in four universities in Ontario, it will be extended to BC, Quebec, NB, and NS next year.  Companies taking advantage of this program  can receive up to … Read more

Sky’s the Limit Technology Camp Instructors Needed

The CIO Association of Canada has named Sky’s The Limit as its national charity of choice. Through this partnership, both organizations can achieve their missions of developing the next generation of IT leaders.  Sky’s the Limit’s mission is to provide laptops to youth in need in order to enable their IT skills development, career opportunities … Read more

Telus/CIOCAN Toronto Advisory Board

Telus has once again joined CIOCAN as one of our two National Thought Leaders for 2017. Our joint activity this year will include a chapter-based Advisory Board in Toronto. This roundtable group will focus on digital transformation to discuss and develop new industry insights to better serve CIOs in their digital journey. As a CIOCAN … Read more