Welcome, Aaron Huber

Aaron Huber is the Vice President of Information Systems at CEL Group of Companies.

Aaron is the Vice President of Information Systems for the CEL Group of Companies. Their core brands include Conviron and Argus Control Systems. Their products and solutions enable us to contribute to feeding the world, improving human health and protecting the environment by providing technology that advances plant science and production.

He oversees a diverse team of technical staff whose mission is to support the organization. They do this by championing the adoption of technology to help achieve the strategic goals of the organization. Aaron act as a business strategist and change leader, and ensure that the work they do is fully aligned to their business objectives.

He is passionate about solving business challenges, and working with stakeholders throughout the organization to architect solutions. In his career Aaron has created custom enterprise applications, led development teams to create solutions for our customers, led large ERP implementation teams, and managed a portfolio of implementation projects.