Welcome, Rohit Romley

Rohit Romley, Director, Pixeled Apps Inc

Rohit Romley is a Salesforce Senior IT professional who has been responsible for designing enterprise solutions and managing large IT programs/projects for various organizations across North America, Middle East, and Asia.

Is known for energizing businesses, IT organizations and supplier networks to visualize the value and impact of technology, formulate strategies and then commit and execute on delivering changes that bring meaningful results for customers, employees and to the top and bottom line.

Is recognized as a practical person specializing in project & program management and recognized for architecting and delivering complex mission critical solutions.

Has over 6 years of experience in IT consulting with Salesforce where he has been involved in IT consulting, project/program management, and senior management positions.

Has worked in the following industries: Health, Insurance, E-commerce, Finance, and Transport.

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