CIO Association of Canada Welcomes New National Board Members

The CIO Association of Canada announced four additions to its National Board of Directors.

Dean Doige, CIO at Clark Builders, and past president of CIOCAN’s Edmonton Chapter, has been elected National Vice President   Steve Heck, CIO at Microsoft Canada, newly elected president of CIOCAN’s Toronto Chapter, now joins the national board.   Mary Anne Ballantyne, Assistant Head, Technology and Innovation at the Bishop Strachan School, and past president of the Toronto Chapter, joins the National Board as Director of National Programs.   Shadi Khatib, former Vice-President, Pharmacy Technology solutions, McKesson Canada, joins as co-Director of Membership and Business Development.

National President, Gary Davenport, elected to a fourth year, welcomed the new members at the annual general meeting. “These new directors offer strength and cross-industry perspective to our leadership team. It is only through the dedication and commitment of our board that we are able to offer a compelling calendar of events across the country, and an exclusive peer network comprising over 300 CIOs. I welcome the new directors, and applaud their leadership.”

CIO Association of Canada Approves Manitoba Chapter:
Breakfast Launch Event Planned for November 18th
RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg

Nigel Fortlage, VP IT and Social Business at GHY International named President

The CIO Association of Canada has voted to approve the creation of a Manitoba Chapter.  Plans are underway for a celebratory launch breakfast November 18 at the RBC Convention center in downtown Winnipeg. 
“We’re thrilled to be establishing our own chapter”, says Fortlage.  “A core group of CIOs has been active in Manitoba for several years, working through CIOCAN’s National Chapter.   Interest and momentum have been building steadily, and now the time is right to step up to full chapter status.   Manitoba’s senior IT community is growing rapidly along with technology investments in eHealth, Oil and Gas, in Smart City initiatives, and in the ICT industry itself, to name just a few. 

 Read the full article here.  

Upcoming Events



Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Luncheon: Vancouver Chapter Luncheon Event Security Risks: Do you want to avoid being the next Home Depot, Target, or Canada Revenue Agency?

October 24, 2014 Edmonton  Chapter Breakfast Event. CIO Panel at Edmonton Startup.
October 29, 2014 Toronto Chapter The Big Data Culture Clash Event, CenturyLink, Markham.

November 20, 2014 Toronto Chapter Security and Innovation Event, University Club of Toronto.

Full list of upcoming CIO Association events

Other events
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CIO Association Past Events

 Digital Adoption: Call to Action 

Since early this spring, the CIO Association of Canada has been working with ICTC and CATAAlliance, in a powerful consortium to give shape to an innovation agenda with implications for enterprises, educators and policy-makers. Many of our members attended the Digital Adoption Webinar in early April that provided important input to the research.  At a Newscast on July 24 representatives of the consortium jointly released documents that will provide a roadmap and catalysts for adoption designed to lead Canada to higher levels of innovation, increased productivity, and consequent economic benefits. 

Read the summary here
Join the Digital Adoption Compass Social media discussion group here.
 Read the full report: Digital Adoption, Advancing Canada's place in a global economy.

CIO Association in the News

Further coverage of Toronto Chapter SR&ED event

Posted July 18, 2014

The ITWorldCanada website has published an article by Shane Schick, Editor of CanadianCIO, that reviews more of the information presented at the Toronto Chapter June event where representatives of the Canada Revenue Agency had opportunity to meet with CIOs to explain, and to receive feedback on the SR&ED application process.  If you weren't able to attend the event, this article may provide some helpful insight into the program.  Read Shane's article here

Digital Adoption Campaign Bringing together CIOs, vendors and labour market experts

IT World Canada comments on the “Digital Manifesto” being drafted by ICTC, the CIO Association of Canada and CATA.  

The three organizations are acting in concert because small and medium-sized enterprises, which make up much of the Canadian economy, aren’t keeping pace with their larger counterparts in how they make use of IT. Even enterprise adoption of transformative IT can still be an uphill battle.
“The C-Suite has to be engaged in a digital conversation,” he said. “We’re helping the CIOs move that debate from the back office to the boardroom, and move the debate from a technology base to one based on business value. In this economy, if you’re a business leader from the banking sector or the health sector (and) you can’t articulate the benefit in improving competitiveness in this arena, it doesn’t bode well for the organization.”
Read the full article here.  

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The CIO Association of Canada grows IT leaders, speaks with one voice on issues facing CIOs, and builds a vendor-neutral community for safe exchange of ideas and best practices.

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And there was CAKE!

CIO Association Presidents Gary Davenport (current), Catherine Boivie (Founding), and Andrew Dillane (Past), are pictured with Rema Tavares (ED, Sky's the Limit, recipient of a charitable donation on behalf of conference speakers) and representatives of Randstad (who sponsored the cake and bubbly celebration) Tom Turpin and Steve Mackinnon, serving the Association's 10th Anniversary cake at the 2014 CIO Peer Forum. Members present at the event appreciated the opportunity to look back on the achievements of the Association, while agreeing that the focus will continue to be on preparing to meet the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for CIOs and Senior IT Executives.