Bill Keyworth | VP Research | IDC |

Bill Keyworth is Vice President of Research with a focus on IT Operational Excellence and IT’s new business-oriented performance metrics essential for Digital transformation. Organizations are quickly moving away from traditional IT governance and best practices previously critical in tracking efficiency of IT infrastructure, applications and assets. In response, Bill creates research focus on the accelerating demand by IT’s business customers for IT to effectively broker, integrate and manage IT technical services, business services, customer-facing services and ecosystem-facing services so essential to successful digital transformation. Leveraging over 35 years of successfully defining technology and market trends for managing IT services, Bill has established a reputation as one of the more credible and consistent voices in maximizing IT’s business value contribution.

CIO Peer Forum 2019, Day 1: Track Speaker

Title: “New Rules of IT Measurement Instigated by Digital Transformation”

Digital transformation presents new opportunities for established organizations to make significant changes to their businesses and operations through new technologies — creating improved and even disruptive business outcomes.  Yet, new rules for IT metrics have emerged to create the behavioral changes essential to revamp for this kind of business change. This web conference examines how CIOs, IT and line-of-business executives associated with “thriving” IT organizations are stepping up to the challenge of linking tangible business outcomes to IT measurement. Once these digital transformation objectives have been established, success metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) can guide the path to measuring performance and investments effectively. Traditional metrics (e.g., revenues, cost efficiencies) are no longer enough and must be blended with new metrics that can measure the short and long-term impact of management’s transformation investment decisions.

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