CAL Offsite ProDev 2019

“The Role and Impact of the CIO/CISO on Business Risk”

The Calgary Chapter of the CIO Association was pleased to collaborate with Bennett Jones, Info-Tech and Vcura to offer Calgary’s annual offsite, which focused on The Role and Impact of the CIO on Business Risk. By all accounts it was an enjoyable and successful day and the Calgary chapter appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm and participation.  If you weren’t able to join us, you may be interested in the materials below.

1.  CIO Posture Results CIOCAL 2019 – this is the material that Geoff Nelson covered as he debriefed CIOCAN on the CIO Posture Survey that he and his colleagues at Info-Tech conducted for the Calgary chapter.  Geoff’s email address is on the first slide.

2.  Cybersecurity-crash-course-for-directors-executives-presentation – this is the core material that was presented at the May 14 session that Bennett Jones held in Calgary and which Michael Whitt (Bennett Jones) summarized for us.  As Michael mentioned, the four speakers at that seminar presented this material in both Calgary and Vancouver and it linked quite well with the focus and content of our own session. Some of our CIOCAN members were able to attend that as well.  Note particularly the sections covered by Michael and his colleague, Ruth Promislow, in slides 25, 26 (high-level summary of litigation risks), 31 to 34 (Director exposure), 35 to 37 (Best practices for Boards), 50 to 53 (Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner), and 54.  The real “meat and potatoes” might well be in slides 36, 37 and 54.  Then, Dan Lewis from Gallagher Insurance, Risk Management and Consulting presented the insurance perspectives.  His slides 61, 63, 67, 73, 74, 75, 77 – 82, and 84 – 87 have good content.  In particular, slides 77 – 87 were quite relevant to the perspectives that should be explored by any organization’s CIO/CISO/CEO/CFO and Directors. If you wish to follow up with any of the presenters mentioned in this slide deck, please contact Michael Whitt directly ( and he will make the appropriate introductions.

3.  CIOCAL 2019 – Exploited-McDonnell – Michael McDonnell (Vcura) used these materials as he introduced his “hacker exploits.”  He mentioned that this file does not include any videos of his demonstrations.  Michael’s email address is on the last slide.

4.  2019 – CIOCAN – Risk Vocabulary – Steve Biswanger (ATCO) used this material in his introduction to the “Risk Game.”  Steve’s email address is on the first slide.

All our presenters have indicated that they would be pleased if you shared their perspectives with your colleagues and they would also be happy to follow up with anyone who may have questions or wish further clarification.  Please contact them directly.

Members can download the slides from each presentation by clicking the links below.

Geoff Nelson – CIO Posture Results CIOCAL 2019

Michael Whitt – Cybersecurity-crash-course-for-directors-executives-presentation
Michael McDonnell
– CIOCAL 2019 – Exploited-McDonnell
Steve Biswanger – 2019 – CIOCAN – Risk Vocabulary