CIO Association 2016 Strategic Planning Meeting

On the day immediately following our very successful 2016 CIO Peer Forum at the Allstream Centre in Toronto, 25 National and Chapter Board members from across Canada came together to collaboratively assess how best to strive for our vision of: Growth; Influence; and Impact. It was a very productive day as we touched upon potential strategies to drive improvements in our:
– Membership Retention, Growth, Value;
– Programs and Content;
– Partnerships, Sponsorships and Academic;
– Governance and Organizational Effectiveness; and
– Financials.
In preparation for this strategic review, we carefully studied the results of our most recent Membership Survey. For those members who took the time to complete the survey and provide feedback, thank you very much for your input. It was very helpful.
In addition, our National Board portfolio leads did significant work to prepare for the session and came ready with proposals and recommendations for review. My thanks to those leaders for their efforts and dedication, including Ian McLeod, Humza Teherany, Mussawar Choudhry, Kirk Serjeantson, Kelvin Cantafio, Mary Anne Van Acker, Rita Lazar-Tippe, Dean Burgess, Tracy Blyth and Alison Toscano.
Over the course of the coming months, the National and Chapter Boards will be working as a team to drive enhanced value for existing members, to grow the number of new members and to truly become the “voice of CIOs” in Canada. You should expect to see the results of these actions in a number of changes that will be implemented across the Association for the benefit of all of our members and the CIO profession.
As always, if you have questions or comments about the Association, please don’t hesitate to bring them forward.
Thanks and best regards,

Gary Davenport,
President, CIO Association of Canada

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  1. It would be nice if a Toronto school could offer a program like Vancouver. Although I’m from Vancouver I don’t travel there much for work so its not convenient to do the program. I could do it in either Toronto or Ottawa though.

    The peer forum was quite worthwhile.

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