TmaxSoft Brings Its World-Class OpenFrame Mainframe Re-hosting Solution to Canada

TmaxSoft Brings Its World-Class OpenFrame Mainframe  Re-hosting Solution to Canada

Its proven high-performance OpenFrame mainframe re-hosting solution has the potential to provide maximum yield for businesses in Canada

Toronto, ON, May 9, 2016 – TmaxSoft, the global provider of agile and robust mainframe software solutions, has made available its intelligently developed OpenFrame re-hosting solution in Canada.

OpenFrame is a proven and advanced mainframe re-hosting solution that enables mainframe assets, including applications, resources and data residing in a legacy system to be migrated to a more reliable and high-performance open system platform without modifying original business logic and data. The applications, resources and data from a mainframe system are converted to a less expensive and more flexible open system.

OpenFrame is the only complete solution in the industry that ensures high levels of processing speed, capacity, and reliability. This is because the OpenFrame solution is built on a powerful enterprise-level middleware platform, which reliably supplies transaction processing at a level that exceeds the mainframe by 25%.

While providing customers with the ability to transform their mainframe environment to the right platform they need for the future, the optimal solution delivers key advantages to significantly reduce system costs and maximise return on investment (ROI). Its high-powered, cost-effective interface is proven to re-host assets, while minimizing any potential risks with its automated mainframe migration tools.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer Canadian businesses a re-hosting alternative,” said Satya Sarangi, CEO & President of TmaxSoft Canada. “The Openframe Re-hosting software solution offers a low risk, low cost and highly reliable option for customers to modernize their mainframe environment.”

A single vendor has long dominated the mainframe market, resulting in high hardware prices and ongoing steep licensing fees. A limited number of third-party software developers have added to further increase the cost. OpenFrame’s flexibility and expandability can significantly reduce your system’s total cost of ownership (TCO); in fact, savings of 50% or more are not uncommon. OpenFrame also standardizes system processes and facilitates easy integration of new applications and technologies, thereby enhancing system development and management productivity.

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TmaxSoft (TMS), a multinational software provider headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, specializes in mission critical enterprise infrastructure software solutions. Since its founding in 1997, TmaxSoft has successfully delivered improved IT performance to enterprise and governmental customers. With twelve country headquarters in Europe, Asia, India, and the Americas, TmaxSoft serves a growing global marketplace interested in highly compatible, alternative infrastructure technologies that can scale to the needs of tomorrow. TmaxSoft’s products provide the quality, security and performance demanded by both traditional and private/hybrid cloud architectures. TmaxSoft OpenFrame, a mainframe modernization solution, provides mainframe rehosting of single-tier mainframe applications on cloud-ready, multitier x86 architectures running Linux; TMS’s powerful flagship middleware product JEUS is deployed on almost half of all web servers in South Korea; and TIBERO, TmaxSoft’s enterprise SQL database, provides the scalability necessary for growing enterprise data requirements. TmaxSoft’s long-standing commitment to IT infrastructure innovation has resulted in innovative options to move and modernize all data to the cloud for use in applications as well as data analysis. For more information please visit TmaxSoft

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