Presented by: Robert Dreyer, Executive Partner, Gartner Canada and Olivier Erhard, Executive Partner, Gartner Canada
Digital business is the creation of new business designs by blurring the physical and digital worlds.  What makes digital business uniquely different from e-business and digital marketing is the integration of “things” (such as sensors, beacons, wearable devices and smart machines) as equal entities; the creation and introduction of new business and operating models; the creation of value; and the introduction of nonhuman customers or consumers of information and events.
However, the most challenging digital business issue is determining how to get started. How do you decide where to apply digitalization for your business? What combination of technologies will result in the outcomes you expect?
Gartner has developed an approach for digital business innovation based on discussions with firms from around the world. During the workshop, Gartner will present this approach and lead group exercises that will help participants engage business leaders in meaningful dialog concerning digital business opportunities.
The workshop will focus on three issues:
1. Organizational appetite for changing your firm’s operations or go-to-market strategies
2. Components that characterize the digital world that can be combined to achieve digital business vision.
3. How value and success of a digital business opportunities are determined.