CIO Association Names New National Vice-President

On behalf of the National Board of the CIO Association of Canada, Gary Davenport announced this week that Humza Teherany, Chief Innovation Officer at Compass Group, has been appointed as the new National Vice-President for the Association.

Davenport stated that “having worked with Humza at a previous company, I know him very well and he is an excellent leader. He will bring a fresh perspective with energy and passion. We are indeed fortunate to have him assume this role for us”. At the same time, a number of other well-qualified members were also considered for this position. “It was encouraging to see the strength of our membership, and the level of interest and commitment in contributing to our Association and to our profession” Davenport reported.

Humza has been active on the Toronto Chapter Board, where he has led Marketing and Communications, experimenting with the Meerkat App for sharing chapter events and expanding the social media presence of the Association at the 2014 CIO Peer Forum and within the Toronto Chapter.

Asked for comment on his selection, Teherany said “I recognize the current strength of our Association. Working together, we are much better equipped to deal with the changes and challenges that IT is facing in every industry. I look forward to being part of the National Board, getting to know more members across the country, and building on the work that has been done over the past 10 plus years.”