CIOCAL Peer To Peer Knowledge Sharing: Enabling Effective Workplace Collaboration and the Lessons Learned

Why is it that effective workplace collaboration seems so tough to wrestle down?  If by having to move to a larger venue to accommodate the attendees is any indication, it is a question that many of our members face.  Paul Twigg, National Technology and Innovation Leader from Sierra Systems, took us through the many lessons learned from collaboration implementations both nationally and internationally. The discussion was a mix of hard fought lessons, charm, and great story telling. It turns out that there are patterns to implementations that succeed, and ones that miss the mark, and Paul teased those out in such a way that everyone was armed to go back to their workplace with ideas to improve collaboration.

We were also fortunate to have several students from the Business Technology Club of the University of Calgary come share their club Vision and Mission with our membership, and highlight some industry participation opportunities to get to know the talents and gifts of the next generation workforce we will all be fighting over.  There were many business cards being exchanged, so if you weren’t there you won’t get first dibs!

Please keep an eye on the CIOCAN calendar of events for our next function, we look forward to seeing you there.

Materials available from Sierra Systems: (Click the Icons below to download the slides)

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