CIOs have a unique opportunity to become leaders in a business world that is increasingly driven by Quality of the processes, people’s involvement and accelerated flow of money, materials and information. CIOs are not just technologists responsible for the good functioning of the IT infrastructure; they are called upon to provide company-wide solutions that can propel business performance.

In doing so, they run into issues mostly originated by the far too common “silo mentality” created by conventional hierarchical structures. The inherent conflict generated by the duality of the CIO’s role provides an opportunity to delve more deeply into the transformational nature of their work.

New knowledge is required for CIOs to accomplish this transformation: from the prevailing, budget- focused, management style rooted in local optima to one of whole system optimization. For this shift to happen, CIOs must articulate a clear vision of how their role impacts financial performances well beyond efficiencies and cost reductions. CIOs must assert themselves as true enablers of business growth and organizational development.

In this session lead by Domenico Lepore , CIOs learnt about the elements of this new knowledge and the mindset that must go with it; how they can leverage the growing complexity of business environments to promote a new organizational design and how they can play a pivotal role in bringing a step change to competitiveness.

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