Over the last 15 years, Agile methods have generally penetrated most IT shops in some fashion. In response, systems integrators have created formal methods for IT development and package implementation that incorporate Agile as a foundation for delivery. These methods have been both a blessing and a curse for systems integrators and IT shops. A blessing in that systems integrators with well-established relationships within a client account are enjoying the benefits of risk free time and materials contracts. A curse in that clients are typically unwilling to take on large programs without the assurances of a risk sharing contract structure with clear accountabilities.

In response to Agile-at-Scale contract structures being a blocker of big programs, systems integrators have largely been on the forefront in providing clients with guidance in developing contracts for Agile-at-Scale programs. In an effort to level the playing field UpperEdge has conducted its own research on this subject that will be summarized in this session.

This talk covered by John Belden was about :

Fundamental differences in contracting agile vs more traditional waterfall programs
18 structural risks of agile at scale projects
How to use the contract to transfer and mitigate Agile at scale risks
Useful measures of vendor performance and accountability for Agile at scale programs
Basics of incentive structures of Agile at scale contracts

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