CIOPF2018 Line-of-Business Executives

A CIO Communication Framework for the Digital Era: Line-of-Business Executives

Digital transformation requires close collaboration among CIOs ancl their LOB peers. Each stakeholder brings skills, knowledge, and resources that collectively power transformation initiatives. But to succeed, relationships have to weather inevitable challenges. For that to happen. ClOs must be able to effectively communicate and work with LOB executives. They also need strong communication skills to help inspire innovation in business un rn while championing the importance of security, integration, and scalability.

Key Takeaways:
– CIOs have to recognize that digital transformation will happen with or without their full participation, as many LOB executives have technology budgets and a growing number of third-party a lte matives to IT.
– Communication is the primary tool CIOs have at their disposal to gain the trust and support of LOB executives and ensure the CIO’s role in helping guide and influence the direction and pace of enterprise digital transformation.
– Effective CIO-LOB communication doesn’t just happen — it requires extensive planning and preparation based on goal-driven strategies that are focused on specific outcomes.

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