CIOPF2018 The Board of Directors

A CIO Communication Framework for the Digital Era: The Board of Directors

Communicating with the board and influencing the board’s decisions in support of IT and enterprise digital transformation are essential components of success in CIOs’ digital transformation strategy and execution. As enterpnse thampions for digitally driven business transformation, CIOs must use all means at their disposal to advance that mission. In particular, this includes their communication with the board of directors.

Key Takeaways:
– CIOs need to communicate tp the board a consistent and unwavering message championing the role of IT in aligning and scaling business and technology strategies and models to drive digital transformation.
– Gaining an empathetic understanding of the board and its members is one of the keys to learning how to engage and persuade them.
– CIO communications need to be grounded in business-focused opportunities and metrics.
– CIOs must establish a solid foundation of delivering on commitments.

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