CIOPF2018 The CIO’s Direct Reports

A CIO Communication Framework for the Digital Era: The CIO’s Direct Reports

The CIO’s communications with his or her direct reports are a critical, yet sometimes overlooked, element of digital and organizational transformation. The CIO’s staff are the evangelists and change agents of transformation and, as such, do much of the heavy lifting. To do so, they have to be informed, inspired, and engaged; they must also be effective communicators themselves.

Key Takeaways:
– The CIO’s direct reports are the engine of IT organizational and digital transformation but cannot be effective unless they understand and embrace the vision, mission, and goals and their roles in execuiing them.
– Communication is the CICrs prirnary tool to shape and develop behaviors, practices, and communications of direct repo rn while ensuring they are aligned in executing the IT mission and goals.
– CIOs need to have empathy for the challenges of each direct report’s role and the changes to those roles wrought by organizational and digital transformation, but they also need to hold the team to high standards of performance and communication.

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