Crafting Your Corporate Digital Strategy: CIOCAL Off-Site Professional Development Day

Crafting Your Corporate Digital Strategy

Building on the success of the past two years, the Calgary Chapter is excited to share news about CIOCAL’s 3rd Annual Offsite Professional Development Session at The Crossing at Ghost River on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.  With an ability to handle about 30 participants, including members, guests and our resource personnel, we’re looking forward to a very meaningful and fun day.

Topic Summary

Over this past season, a number of CIOCAL members have expressed strong interest in creating a Digital Strategy for their organizations, and in determining how best to deliver solid business value from the process and elements of that strategy to their corporate colleagues.

With the welcome assistance and expertise of facilitators Lisa Carter, Tim Workman, Dason Wells, Rob Burton, and Jeff Macleod, all from IBM Calgary, presentations and discussion at this session will focus on methods and successes required to make digitally-enabled creativity, innovation, and value happen. Collaborative knowledge sharing and facilitated dialogue on the topics of leadership, communication, and the culture of IT/IS departments will uncover insights revealing how these factors enable the right mindset and effective delivery by our teams.

You are invited to gather with your fellow CIOCAL members to hear from business executives, respected business advisors, and your fellow members about their approaches, perspectives, methods for adding value, experiences, challenges and leadership successes.


The sessions are designed to provide each attendee with at least two actionable ideas, directly and immediately useful to him/her, for approaching the creation of a Corporate Digital Strategy, and to connect with two or three new peer colleagues who can be continuing contacts.

Session Details

We will be holding two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

1:  Introduction, Digital Transformation Strategies with Cognitive Technologies

Based on direct results from a variety of industries and organizations, Tim Workman will showcase IBM’s experience with cognitive computing approaches and provide examples of Watson’s use in robotic processes, implementing Blockchain, creating bot assistant apps, and deploying Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing services.

2:  Mini Discovery Workshops

  • Facilitated breakout discussions focussed on the morning use cases will identify the challenges in each use case, and how to drive out the value that each may deliver to the organization. As part of the summary process for the day, each breakout group will present their top one or two challenges, opportunities, and use cases to the full group.  (Following the session, our IBM facilitators will create a document that contains a concept plan based on executing against the use cases explored during our session.  This document will be made available to all participants.)

Based on the experiences of the past two years, participants in this year’s Professional Development Day can expect to be encouraged and inspired through this resource-rich, pressure-reduced program.

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Members can register themselves and their trusted colleagues and guests here.

We’re looking forward to a great day!