In business today, the goal is to become not just memorable, but indelible. When leveraged properly, LinkedIn can energize and elevate your personal brand, frame you as a thought leader, and enable you to generate business opportunities that might otherwise not exist.

Successful use of LinkedIn comes down to representing well, connecting with the right people, and applying business information gleaned on the site to real -world scenarios. The challenge lies in crafting a remarkable, high-impact LinkedIn profile that gets you found and positions you as the logical choice to sell the product, provide the service, or get the offer.

During this informative and thought-provoking session at the CIO Peer Forum 2016, JD Gershbein will provide a 360-degree overview of LinkedIn best practices, and shed light on the specific LinkedIn activities, techniques, and strategies that build brand, promote connectivity, and drive real world business results.

Specific topics include:

♦ How to capture, convey, and amplify your personal brand on LinkedIn

♦ How to position your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact

♦ How to create a LinkedIn company page that drives engagement

♦ How to form a cohesive, tightly-knit professional network on LinkedIn

♦ How to gain quality introductions and cultivate new streams of referrals

♦ How to generate and qualify leads in the LinkedIn groups

♦ How to boost trust and credibility through LinkedIn recommendations

♦ How to manage your time effectively in using LinkedIn

♦ How to incrementally build a LinkedIn approach that works

♦ How to integrate LinkedIn into your overall sales and marketing approach

The CIO Peer Forum 2016 welcomes JD Gershbein and looks forward to his workshop on April 21st. The CIO Peer Forum 2016 Day 2 afternoon workshops are open to your larger team who can register for this unique professional development opportunity.

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For more info on JD Gershbein, please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/jdgershbein

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