The Creative CIO – KPMG’s Harvey Nash Survey Confirms that the CIO Mandate is Strategic and Growing

The growing expectations of CIOs that we have talked about for the past few years have now been validated by a comprehensive KPMG study (Harvy Nash / KPMG CIO Study 2016).

The survey of 3,706 CIOs from around the world has been conducted for the past 18 years enabling KPMG to stay on top of the critical trends impacting CIOs.  This longevity provides KPGM with the ability to identify and track trends over time and to dig into the highest priority issues.

“Backed by the wave of the digital revolution, and a board increasingly seeking technology as a means of protecting the business and outflanking competitors, we are seeing the CIO role evolving to that of transformational business leader, technology strategist and business model innovator.” – Albert Ellis CEO – Harvey Nash Group

Some of the most notable trends captured by the survey found that:

  • CIOs are becoming more strategic and outward focused
  • CIOs are increasingly ‘creating’ rather than ‘operating’
  • Digital is here to stay and it is changing the way we think about IT
  • Skills and talent retention challenges are once again a thorn in the side of IT Leaders
  • Cyber security just isn’t going to get any easier
  • Meaningful progress is being made against Diversity objectives

On the whole, the IT landscape bears very little resemblance to the IT environment from five years ago and CIOs are well positioned, if not on the critical path, to lead the business transformation required for organizations to successfully compete in this evolving, increasingly digitized world.

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