Dave Sharrock | CEO | agile42 North America

Dave Sharrock has nearly 20 years experience working with product delivery organizations, from Fortune100 companies to startups, telecommunications to branded consumer goods. Dave helps companies and organizations understand and realize the benefits of applying an agile/lean mindset to product development. A sought-after speaker and consultant, Dave is an expert on organizational change and agile business processes and the only Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) in Canada. Dave moved to Vancouver in 2010 from Europe, and leads agile42 consulting in North America.

CIO Peer Forum 2020, Day 2: Workshop Leader

When is your agile transformation done?

After over a decade of agile adoptions and transformations, most organizations have several years experience of agile and are naturally looking for signs that the change is complete. Attention turns to the level of skill or maturity an organization needs in order for us to declare the transformation a success. Many models of agile maturity have emerged, and the business is eager to take advantage of this newly developed capability.

The good news is that agile, by definition, should be iteratively delivering value from the moment a transformation started. Looking back, your ability to deliver has already changed immeasurably. You are already faster, more focussed, and delivering product with higher quality. The bad news is that you have only just started your journey. Change itself has changed, as Gary Hamel said. What looks mature today will be table stakes tomorrow.

Using the example of Best Buy Canada, we will talk about what agile maturity looks like today, and where maturity will go in the future. We will learn how iterative value delivery is the price to pay to along the experience curve. By introducing a model of increasing agility, you will be able to map out the path of your transformation, filling in any gaps that you may have, and beginning to understand where your transformation may take you in the future. Specifically, you can identify the drivers needed to reap the benefits along the way, rather than at the end. Business agility is not a destination but a continually evolving journey. Learn how to stay on ahead on that journey.

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