Faster, Smarter Decisions for CIOs

Faster, Smarter Decisions for CIOs
using Prescriptive Analytics
Whether you’re booking a hotel room, renting a car, or filling up your gas tank, analytics often help determine what type of offer you will receive. For most customer-level decisions, however, the sheer volume of available data combined with the “need for speed” to attract and retain customers requires more powerful tools. 
This 60-minute webinar, presented:
  • What prescriptive analytics is, and how it compares to (and augments) other types of analytics such as descriptive, diagnostic and predictive.
  • Which areas of the business can benefit from prescriptive analytics.
  • How the rapid assimilation of data, analytics and rapid deployment can turn business challenges into quick wins?
  • How real-life businesses are putting optimization to work to drive faster, smarter customer-centric decisions.

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