Corral Shadow IT for Faster Service Delivery

Corral Shadow IT for Faster Service Delivery
Shadow IT can undermine a CIO’s ability to run an efficient, safe and coordinated IT department – but it can also give LOB a glimpse into the art of the possible for leveraging cloud to achieve better business efficiency and productivity. Imagine if you, as CIO, could corral shadow IT learnings and capabilities into an enterprise-approved, shared infrastructure that gives business departments the speed of IT they need while better managing the costs, capabilities and security required.
This webinar showed how to gain a better understanding of the business user’s motivation for shadow IT, how it does not always align with IT priorities and the inbound, outbound and perimeter risks it can create.
IBM Cloud Services IT Strategy Architecture Leader, Doug Kinnaird, shared real examples of how employees are engaging with shadow IT on the cloud – and an inside view on what may be happening within your own organization. Senior Cloud Consultant Keith Saliba joined Doug to discuss how CIOs are taking advantage of shadow IT capabilities in a well-managed, secure, shared services operation that benefits the broader organization. 
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