Learn How Your Industry Is Utilizing IoT From The Industry Leaders That Know It Best – Industry and Business

We are pleased to share an excerpt from an article published on Media Planet by Ignacio Paz of Rogers Communications, in which Gary Davenport, President CIO Association of Canada, shares his insights on IoT:

All Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are constantly searching for opportunities to improve their organizations’ efficiency and effectiveness. This pursuit means being able to balance many conflicting demands and sort through all of the new digital technologies available to focus on those things that will deliver the greatest value for the relevant stakeholder. To do so, CIOs must be able to separate fact from fiction and not get caught up in the inherent marketing hype for these new technologies.

IoT has reached the stage for CIOs where it is no longer a distant possibility but rather a firm reality for exploitation. Based on successfully early adapter deployments, CIOs are now actively engaged in exploring IoT opportunities for their own organizations and making it an integral part of their digital transformation strategy. Interest in learning about real-world implementations of IoT is very high and continuing to grow. The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) is a not-for-profit, vendor independent organization that exists to serve the needs of CIOs, with over 300 members from across Canada. IoT has been a dominant recurring topic at many of our recent events. Virtually all areas of the country and all industry sectors are engaged in the discussion about IoT and how best to move forward. Be it energy, transportation, consumer products, wholesale, retail, or the public sector, there are now many examples of organizations taking advantage of the new opportunities made possible by IoT. Adoption will continue to expand as more and more devices get connected to the internet.

The challenge that CIOs face is not whether to leverage the power of IoT, but rather how best to do it to ensure their respective organizations keep pace with the competition, and the expectations of all Canadians for enhanced, smarter products and services. The time to act on IoT is now.


Please find the full article by Ignacio Paz, General Manager, IoT, Rogers Communication, on Media Planet for insights from more industry leaders including Rob Miekle (CIO, City of Toronto), Steve Carlisle (President, GM Canada), Robert Watson (President and CEO, The Information and Technology Association of Canada) and Michael Murray (General Manager, Industrial Sensing, Analog Devices Inc.).